Leotard maintenance


  • The leotard must be washed separately and it must be put inside out. It should be washed in plenty of cold water and should be rinsed immediately after washing with soap.
  • It is STRONGLY recommended to wash the leotard by hand.
  • DO NOT put the leotard in the dryer.
  • DO NOT use fabric softener when washing the leotard.
  • DO NOT dry clean the leotard.
  • DO NOT use iron on the leotard.


  • It is possible that the leotard loses color and shine after several washes and several uses.
  • The alcohol in all aerosol products, such as hair spray, affects the fabric. Please cover the leotard before applying the product.
  • Deodorants and sweat can cause fading or aluminum loss to the fabric, especially when two colors meet under the arms. It is recommended to use pure crystal deodorant, which does not contain aluminum hydrochloride.
  • Fabric softeners negatively affect adhesives used in clothing, causing fabrics to discolor.
  • Mesh sleeved leotards are fragile. They must be put on and taken off gently by manipulating it at the shoulder level and not at the end of the sleeve.